Deda Next is the company of Dedagroup that, with more than forty years’experience, facilitates the digital transformation of public sector organizations and private companies providing public services, by designing and implementing next-generation services.

An Italian company that can count on specialized professionals and passionate people who believe in concrete innovation and who deliver cutting-edge technology solutions and their know-how to contribute to the creation tomorrow’s social value.

Through cloud technology, which enables the effective management of data and platforms, Deda Next participates in the development of a society where people are at the center.

For the central and local Public Administration, the company facilitates the digital transformation and simplification of processes by offering data-driven SaaS platforms and solutions for the end-to-end management of administrative procedures.

Deda Next is committed to a new level of healthcare, offering solutions and services for the management of the hospital information system, for the evolution of welfare, for the management of administrative procedures, and telemedicine platforms.

It supports Utilities and other energy companies in the sustainable evolution of their business processes and models along the entire supply chain - the physical one (production, distribution, transmission, and transport) and the economical one (trading, sale, energy markets).

Deda Next is also committed to develop smart cities models primarily designed for people, making it an ecosystem for the sustainable development and the quality of life. It does so by integrating data and digital platforms, systems, and organizations for a unified Public Administration, more efficient and closer to the people. Keyword: interoperability.


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