How we can help you?

Here’s a list of FAQs about Entando

What are the economic benefits of becoming an Entando partner? 

A wide range of discounts and other economic benefits are available to partners. The more we work together, the more profitable our partnership becomes. You can discuss this topic further with our business development team.

Can I buy a subscription anytime, even for a project based on the community edition? 

Yes you can. You won’t have to pay for migration costs unless your installation has been strongly customized. It’s best to evaluate your project together with us and confirm the scenario you'd be working under.

Does Entando provide ready-to-use components? 

Yes. Entando comes with some basic components that you can use to build your applications. However, the beauty of Entando is that you can build your own components and reuse them repeatedly in your organization to best meet your needs. 

What is the vision for the Entando partner program?

Starting and managing a profitable partnership can be a costly process on both sides, so in Entando’s partner program, we’re committed to building and managing leads and sales opportunities in a transparent and dynamic partner model. Our goal is that our partnerships would be equally beneficial for both parties.

What is the role of the partner in the Entando ecosystem?  

Our partners provide the crucial role of developing applications on Entando, customizing features, integrating applications with corporate systems, and managing customer applications from a single and powerful platform.

What type of platform is Entando? 

Entando is an application composition platform for Kubernetes. The platform provides a modern development stack that can custom fit any organization’s needs. We have built the platform from the best of modern open source tools, extending and integrating their functionality. Entando is fully open source with available enterprise support.