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Here’s a list of FAQs about Entando

How can I migrate from one version of Entando to the next? 

Every migration is different. As a platform, Entando allows our users and customers to build their own software and so there will be migration considerations for the Entando components of an architecture as well as the customer-developed components. Migrating the core elements of the architecture to a new version should be relatively straightforward. 

What type of platform is Entando? 

Entando is a micro frontend platform for Kubernetes. The platform provides a modern development stack that can custom fit any organization’s needs. We have built the platform from the best of modern open source tools, extending and integrating their functionality. Entando is fully open source with available enterprise support.

Are different versions of Entando backwards compatible? 

Everything for the same major release is compatible. 

What is Entando best suited for? 

Entando is best suited for highly customized enterprise applications that need to integrate with existing systems. The tools our platform provides help you standardize development and design processes across your organization for a consistent brand experience. The Entando Component Repository facilitates code reuse by enabling you to create an internal marketplace of components.

What type of support do partners receive after joining the partner program? 

We support your journey into the Entando ecosystem step-by-step, from initial training to high-level technical support. For developers, we offer a certification program to ensure that all Entando developers follow the appropriate software development standards.

How do I become an Entando partner? 

Once you complete an initial discovery journey, becoming a partner only requires that you sign the partnership agreement and discuss the training options for your team.